Supply chain analysis
About This Project

Product Score Card

It is fun to do and it increases your awareness“, according to a user of the sustainable product score card Maxim Luttmer and I designed. The goal is to support employees of a large logistic service provider with making their services more sustainable.

For the development of the score card we analyzed existing sustainability methodologies such as GRI4, ISO 26000, UN Global Compact and the Product Service System Score Card of Delft University of Technology. We combined this information with the existing sustainability initiatives of our client. Through interactive working sessions we developed the score card which we tested with 20 employees. The aim is continuous improvement of the product portfolio of our client. The score card looks at the impact of products throughout their supply chain.

This assignment was granted to LuTz Consulting and Maxim Luttmer and I worked on it. Interested in assessing the sustainability of products? Let me know.