Supply chain analysis
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Supply chain analysis CO2-Prestatieladder

To avoid catastrophic climate change we decrease the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. The CO2-Prestatieladder is an instrument that helps companies to reduce their CO2 emissions.

I helped the company Ziut to reach a higher certification level on the CO2-Prestatieladder. Quality manager Arnoud Fokkens said the following about my work:

Merel made two supply chain analyses and calculated scope 3 CO2 emissions for Ziut. Both topics require expert knowledge on impact assessment. Merel has this knowledge.

Partly due to her precise and detailed work Ziut obtained level 5 certification on the CO2-prestatieladder. The external auditor said he seldom encounters reports of such a high level.

I worked together with Climate and Energy consultant Maxim Luttmer on this project. Do you need help with the CO2-Prestatieladder or are you interested in quantifying sustainability indicators? Let me know.