Supply chain analysis
About This Project

Supply chain analysis & online tools for IKEA

Every year IKEA prints over 211 million catalogues. This makes them one of the largest players in the paper and print industry. The demands they set for their suppliers drives change in the entire sector.

IKEA takes their responsibility seriously and asks suppliers to invest in sustainable energy, energy efficiency, water saving and so on. Together with a team of Except I analyzed the supply chain of the IKEA catalogue. This to:

  1. Tell the story of the catalogue to a general audience
  2. Communicate performance regarding sustainability indicators to experts
  3. Give feedback to suppliers about their score regarding IKEA’s demands
  4. To make it easier for buyers to choose sustainable suppliers.

To reach these goals we developed four websites. IKEA’s paper and print suppliers now know better which sustainability goals they should work on. This doesn’t only make them more sustainable suppliers for IKEA, but also for their other clients.

I worked together with Sustainability Cooperative Except on this assignment. You can read more about this project and IKEA’s ambitions here. Send me an e-mail if you are interested in a supply chain analysis.