Leonardo has a yacht …

Leonardo DiCaprio used his celebrity status to address climate change at The Oscars. Some people on my Facebook timeline say he is not allowed to because he owns a huge yacht. This bothers me. He uses his celebrity status in a positive way and some people condemn him because he is not perfectly sustainable himself. We should all remember that NOBODY IS PERFECT. If we have to wait to be perfect citizens before we can address environmental issues, we will never succeed to become sustainable. 

I’ll be the first person to say that you have to start acting sustainably, not only talk about sustainability. But don’t wait until you are PERFECTLY SUSTAINABLE to start addressing urgent matters. I remember a girl asking me how I died my hair (henna), what I ate (no meat), and how I traveled (by train) to assess whether I was allowed to say anything about sustainability. This is not the way to get people to work on sustainability, it’s really demotivating.

YES, I’m a climate sinner, and you as well. (If you are not, please let me know so I can start worshiping the only climate neutral person in the world). Today I ate a non-organic orange that was probably flown to the Netherlands. But that doesn’t mean I should be silent until my behavior is perfect. And Leonardo should be praised for using his moment in the limelight to talk about climate change, not condemned.

Do you agree? 

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