Sustainability is important, but where do you start? How sustainable is your organization now, and how sustainable do you want to become? What about measuring progress? And how do you showcase your ambitions and results?



Together we can explore all the available opportunities for your organization. I will draw from my experience having worked as a sustainable professional for, among others, IKEA, University of Amsterdam and the Province of Flevoland. Besides that, I have a background in Industrial Ecology, also known as the Science of Sustainability.



As an analyst, I make sure you reach your sustainability targets. I’m specialised in calculating corporate sustainability indicators (CO2e, energy, water, etc.), analysing supply chains (scope 3, CO2-Prestatieladder) and making product life cycle analyses (LCA, GHG protocol).



Through exciting texts and beautiful visuals, I make your sustainability story the talk of the town. As a science journalist I know exactly how to write compellingly about complex topics. As well as writing and visualizing, I work as a Climate Coach and give talks, lectures, trainings and workshops about sustainability.

What people say about me

"Merel made two supply chain analyses and calculated scope 3 CO2 emissions for Ziut. Both topics require expert knowledge on impact assessment. Merel has this knowledge.

Partly due to her precise and detailed work Ziut obtained level 5 certification on the CO2-prestatieladder*. The external auditor said he seldom encounters reports of such a high level."

*The CO2-Prestatieladder is a Dutch certification scheme.

Arnoud Fokkens | Quality Manager at Ziut B.V.

“Merel makes a complex topic such as sustainability very graspable, also for people with little background knowledge.

In her workshops she brings the entire team step by step to a deeper understanding, understanding that you can immediately use in your daily job. I learned for instance that real sustainability is not so much about the building, but about using it sustainably.”

Jurrian Arnold | Urban Developer at Open Kaart

“Together with Merel I worked on an assignment for Superuse Studios. Merel calculated the embodied energy and carbon footprint of material flows of the Binckhorst, The Hague. She knows how to calculate ecological impacts by using multiple indicators.

Besides that, she can explain systems thinking really well. That’s why I invite her every year as a guest lecturer for the courses I teach at art academies in The Hague and Rotterdam.”

Lizanne Dirkx | Circulair Designer & System analyst

Organizations I worked for